Use your property tosecure a large business loan

Get up to £5M to grow your business by using your commercial or residential property as security.

£25K to £5M
Up to seven years
Commercial and Residential

What is Property Finance?

Property Finance is a secured business loan that uses a residential property, commercial property or property portfolio as collateral. It’s a smart small business funding solution that could provide the capital you need to push forward.

You wouldn’t be alone either – research from the British Business Bank shows these asset-based small business loans have risen in popularity in recent years. There are several types available too, including term loans, bridging loans, and interest-only loans.

Repayment terms vary in length, from short-term business loans of a few months to longer-term options spread over several years. And the best part? Our Property Finance often comes with better business loan rates and is a great alternative to unsecured lending.

What can Property Finance be used for?

Property Finance can offer the solution to a wide range of everyday business challenges.

New premises

That perfect spot in town you always loved? With this loan, it’s all yours!

Working capital

Don’t fret about your cash situation again with our secured business loan.


Unlock your true potential and grow astronomically with the financial support you need.

Unexpected bills

Handle whatever life throws at your business without needing to change course.

Management buy out

Buy-outs can be costly, so remove the stress and get it done with our Property Finance loan.

Start up capital

Make your dreams a reality and finally launch that business you’ve talked about for years.

How can Property Finance help?

Low on fixed assets

If your business is low on fixed assets to act as security, you can use a charge against your residential property instead.

Does not fit standard lending criteria

If your business does not fit standard lending criteria or you have experienced historical adverse credit, we still want to hear your story and you could still eligible for Property Finance.

 Start-up capital

your business needs start-up capital, Property Finance could be the answer. Present us with a business plan and cash flow forecasts to be eligible.

How it works


Get things started

You identify that your business needs finance and make an enquiry.


We’ll give you a call

We call you for a consultation and confirm that your business is eligible.


Send us your documents

You send us your documents and we send you an offer.


Valuation time

We complete a valuation on the property that you own.


Start winning

Once all the legal work and documents have been completed, you receive funding

Apply for Property Finance


  • Businesses of any age
  • With residential or commercial property
  • Registered in England or Wales

Required documents

  • Latest 12 months’ business bank statements, preferably via Open Banking
  • Record of recent business accounts
  • Cash flow forecast and business plan for start-ups

We help thousands of UK businesses achieve their goals every year

Get approved for free *Applying does not affect your credit score

Getting a business loan can give you the financial support you need in a variety of situations. In fact, as long as your SME loan is spent on your business, we’re pretty flexible about how you use it. Working capital

Over 1/3 of SMEs use finance to boost working capital or cashflow, maintain business as usual or cover gaps in funding

New premises

Could a cash injection help you move to a new location, open an additional store or improve your existing facilities?

Unexpected bills

When disaster strikes or expenses mount up, secured SME funding can get your business back on track

Management buyout

Need to bring about real change? Financial support can facilitate a management buyout or buy-in

Start-up capital

You could use a secured new business loan to cover setup costs and get your idea off the ground


Other common uses of secured business loans include staff hires, training, new stock, equipment and marketing

Larger loan amounts

Offering your property as security can unlock higher amounts of business finance than you might get with less valuable assets or none at all. It’s the perfect business loan if you need to make a significant investment in growth or cover a long-term funding gap.

Better business loan rates

Most UK property finance agreements offer better interest rates as the value of your property means there’s less risk for the lender if you can’t make your repayments. In return, you’ll pay back less overall than with other types of business lending.


Parliament research shows 41% of SMEs don’t think they’d be accepted for a business loan. But with the focus on your asset, property finance is among the best business loans available if you don’t fit standard lending criteria or have a poor credit history. You can also use your residential property if you lack fixed business assets.

Suitable for a range of businesses

The nature of this finance means any company with residential or commercial property can apply for a business loan. It’s not restricted to certain sectors or ages. And with short to mid-term SME finance available, it can suit various business plans and preferences too.

At Nucleus, we combine the financial expertise and credit facilities of traditional banks with the speed and flexibility of an alternative business funding provider. We’ve already lent over £2.6bn to UK SMEs – and yours could be next.

Range of SME funding

Get from £25,000 to £5m to support or grow your business

Fast service

Apply online in minutes and get a quick decision

Flexible business lending

Choose from short to mid-term borrowing options of three months to seven years

Friendly approach

Let our in-house experts guide you through the process

Term loans

Secured, fixed-term UK business loans of up to seven years in length. We’ll transfer your loan in full then collect repayments in manageable monthly instalments. This type of business finance is ideal for borrowing large sums of money, whatever the purpose.

Interest-only loans

Secured, fixed-term loans of up to five years, repaid in monthly interest payments and one large sum in the final month. Due to the minimal monthly repayments, our interest-only UK small business loans are ideal if you need start-up funding or as much free working capital as possible.


From tech start-ups to property developers and fast-growing retailers, we offer finance for businesses of any sector or age. You can see examples of those we’ve worked with in our client stories.

You can apply for a secured business loan of between £25,000 and £5m, with loan-to-value ratios of up to 70% for residential properties and 65% for commercial. That’s enough to cover your everyday running costs or support a long-term growth project.

Using your commercial or residential property is a smart way to get better business loan rates. Our pricing starts at 1% per month for standard secured term loans and interest-only loans up to five years.

The total amount you repay will vary depending on which of our alternative business funding solutions you apply for. But whichever you do, we’ll agree the full cost of your small business loan upfront, and never charge any hidden extras.

We do our best to offer quick business loans when you need them. Once your property valuation is complete, the process usually takes around two to three weeks. You can help things along by hiring a good solicitor and having all your relevant documents readily available.

Some business finance providers will charge you extra for settling your loan early. With Nucleus, you can repay early at no extra cost providing you cover the full outstanding balance.

Typically, you’ll need to own residential or commercial property with adequate equity to get a secured commercial loan. We can also consider third-party guarantors with security.

Property finance isn’t for everyone. Luckily, it’s just one of the various business lending products we offer. From cash advances to our popular Nucleus Business Loans, view our full range of business finance solutions. We can also offer you a tailored combination of multiple products.

Types of Property Finance

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