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Must Have Gym Equipment to Drive New Members to Your Small Business

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JESSICA LAMBERT , 27 January, 2023

Owning your own business is daunting, exciting and challenging, every day is never the same. When it comes to running your own gym, it’s even harder. The health and fitness industry in the U.K, has some mind-boggling numbers. There are over 7,000 gyms in the U.K, with over 9.9m members. With a total market value of almost £5bn, as evidenced by the 2018 State of the U.K Fitness Industry Report by Leisure DB.

With numbers that big, it’s a challenge keeping up with such a fast-moving industry. Health and Fitness trends keep changing, with what food to eat, how to train and what to use when training. Therefore, staying on top of this industry and keeping your gym up-to-date with the best equipment and facilities is a job in itself.

Here’s a list of some of the must have gym equipment to help drive new customers to your (gym/small business).

1) Sled 

This is probably one of the most used pieces of equipment in most gyms across the U.K. The sled helps to keep your balance as you push it along while ensuring your core and legs do the work. Great for strength work as well as for helping to keep the conditioning up to scratch.

2) Stationary Bikes

The most common home gym piece of equipment is also an essential piece of equipment for your business. Simple to use and great for the legs, core and cardio, you’ll find gym goers using these as part of their routines on a weekly basis without fail.

3) Trap or Hex Bar

A great tool to learn how to deadlift safely. This new weight bar helps keep the back straight and keep the core balanced while getting those legs working. It also carries well for changing up the routine and adding a new exercise to the regime.

4) Kettlebell Set

Now these have been around for a while now, but have until only recently become a staple in the workout routine for gym goers everywhere. Helping to burn fat as well as workout multiple muscles depending on the exercise. These weights are versatile and designed for shorter, quicker repetitions. Gym goers use them for swings, goblet squats, arm presses and leg passes.

5) Battle Ropes

These are probably the most visually exciting pieces of equipment in all gyms right now. When you’re using these, everyone in the gym will know it. They make a loud noise and the motion of the moving in the air is quite the sight. They help with conditioning and keeping the arms as strong as they can be.

These are most commonly used for cardio. Exercises include, jumping power slams (yes that’s right!), squat-to-shoulder presses, alternating wide circles, jumping jacks and alternating jump waves.

When selecting the right equipment for your gym it’s a challenge. It all depends on what type of customer you want to attract. Take consideration of who visits the gym, what type of workout is most common and what you want to offer those customers. These pieces of equipment will help to keep your gym fresh and ensure all customers appreciate the wide variety of workouts they can undertake at your gym. All of these suggestions require investment, when it comes to securing the finance, you’ll need to purchase such equipment a Merchant Cash Advance can be the ideal solution. This form of finance is designed to maximise the investment and allows you to repay based on business performance. That means you only ever repay what your business can afford, aligning repayment with performance perfectly.

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